"Trees can't feel... Can they?"

GRADES: Prep – 7

DURATION: 50 mins + 10 min Q&A

PRICE PER STUDENT: $5.50 (minimum performance fee applies)

CURRICULUM LINKS: Geography, Sustainability, Community Engagement, Critical Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethics

The Story

A young boy’s birthday is coming up – and what’s the best thing about birthdays? PRESENTS! Most boys get an Xbox, or a Bike, or something really cool… But this boy gets a tree. Not any tree, though – Trina The Tree! Unhappy with his gift he does all he can to get rid of Trina the Tree only to learn the value of trees and why they are important to us.

For Teachers

Trees are very important to not only our ecosystem, but us as well! They are vital in providing the oxygen we breathe. This show demonstrates the importance of taking care of our eco-system and what role trees play in our livelihood.


Presented by Mashed Theatre Inc. & Art For Earthlings

Created & Devised by Art For Earthlings

"Through physicality and satire, art for earthlings will entertain and educate."
Regan Milne
Theatre Practitioner