I, Rhetoric

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen... Stop listening!"

GRADES: 10 – 12

DURATION: 50 mins + 10 min Q&A

PRICE PER STUDENT: $5.50 (minimum performance fee applies)

ENGLISH LINKS: English Prescribed Texts, English Standard/Advanced

DRAMA LINKS: Theatre of Social Comment, Absurdism, Brechtian, Verbatim

EXTERNAL LINKS: History, Legal Studies, Debating

The Story

When a young political activist gets the opportunity to write for the opposition the temptation to sabotage from within is far too enticing. However – be careful when fighting with monsters that you do not become a monster yourself. For when you stare long into the Abyss, the Abyss stares long into you.

For Teachers

Who doesn’t love a bit of rhetoric? For English, this show covers the Syllabus objectives – exploring how we can use language to manipulate our audiences, altering representations and perspectives to suit our shifting agendas. For Drama – it’s a Brechtian/Absurdist/Political cross-over with a powerful delivery.

"I, Rhetoric was phenomenal! I have never seen a show quite like it. Such a powerful message."
Sam Neill
Mirani State High School