Macbeth: Undone

"I pray you, remember The Porter..."

GRADES: 10 – 12

DURATION: 50 mins + 10 min Q&A


PRICE PER STUDENT: $5.50 (minimum performance fee applies)


ENGLISH LINKS: English Prescribed Texts, English Standard/Advanced


DRAMA LINKS: Elizabethan Theatre, Contemporary Performance


The Story

Malcolm has taken back Scotland and Macbeth is dead. The surviving staff of Macbeth’s reign are being persecuted for their affiliation with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s treason. Frank Porter, who also works as a Porter (he is aware of the irony), delivers a chilling and decisively analytical of what actually led to Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s downfall.

For Teachers

Macbeth is a prescribed text for QCAA’s external assessment – but not only that! A Porter’s Tale is a one person show that explores a resistant reading of the classical text, filling in gaps and silences in such a way that, if you are a fan of Shakespeare, you will undoubtedly enjoy!

The performance was terrific with all students engaged and enthralled at the talent of one man on display.

Kylie Burton