Booking Confirmation & Correspondence

  • A booking is confirmed once both parties have agreed on a booking date and confirmation is approved by both parties. Mashed Theatre & Films does not recognise approval by administration as a condition of confirmation booking, only the correspondence with the contact Mashed Theatre & Films are corresponding with. Thus, it is the responsibility of the contact teacher to ensure administration has approved the booking before confirming with Mashed Theatre & Films. 

Booking Cancellation

  • Our cancellation policy applies a cancellation fee to any confirmed bookings. This cancellation fee starts at 20% of the total invoice. Should the school wish to cancel within 8 weeks from the agreed upon performance date the school may be liable for a cancellation fee up to the total cost of the invoice including any associated travel fees. Mashed Theatre & Films determines this based on reasonability of the cancellation and treats any cancellation on a case-by-case basis. 

Payment & Travel

  • Mashed Theatre & Films invoices the school based on a minimum performance fee OR a price per student rate (whichever is greater). Our price per performance is $975.00 (exc. GST) or $6.50 per student. Our Minimum Performance Fee allows for up to 150 students to see a show before transitioning over to a Price Per Student rate. It is the responsibility of the school to provide accurate numbers of students that will be or have attended the show. 
  • Travel Fees may apply to a booking and are subject to the cost of travel to and from the region. For major tours Mashed Theatre & Films work on a variable travel fee, shared amongst the total number of bookings on the tour. 
    • Travel fees include: cost of fuel spent to travel to and from the region, accommodation within the region if required, and a heavily discounted travel time rate (often this is absorbed by Mashed Theatre & Films unless in special circumstances such as a purpose-built tour requiring multiple days travel to one school) 
    • Travel fees apply each time a visit is made to a school. Multiple bookings on a same day do not incur additional travel fees. Multiple bookings across the span of a year where a travel fee may be applied will incur multiple instances of travel fees for each visitation. 
  • Payment is to be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice; if payment is not made within 30 days Mashed Theatre & Films will send a reminder to the finance team for payment with a grace period of 7 days. If payment is defaulted a second time Mashed Theatre & Films reserves the right to apply a late penalty to the invoice.