Booking Confirmation & Correspondence

  • A booking is confirmed once both parties have agreed on a booking date and confirmation is approved by both parties. Mashed Theatre & Films does not recognise approval by administration as a condition of confirmation booking, only the correspondence with the contact Mashed Theatre & Films are corresponding with. Thus, it is the responsibility of the contact teacher to ensure administration has approved the booking before confirming with Mashed Theatre & Films. 
  • If a booking is made verbally, Mashed Theatre & Films will email a written confirmation of the booking to the client. 
  • If you have e-mailed our team and bypassed our booking enquiry form our team will operate under the assumption that the client is aware of, has read, understood, and agreed to Mashed Theatre & Films terms & conditions.

Booking Cancellation

  • Our cancellation policy applies a cancellation fee to any confirmed bookings. This cancellation fee starts at 20% of the total invoice. Should the school wish to cancel within 8 weeks from the agreed upon performance date the school may be liable for a cancellation fee up to the total cost of the invoice including any associated travel fees. Mashed Theatre & Films determines this based on reasonability of the cancellation and treats any cancellation on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Should Mashed Theatre cancel a performance or booking for the following reasons:
    • Medical Emergency
    • Schedule Conflict
    • Force Majeure
    • Human Error/Clerical Error
  • The client will not be held financially liable and any associated invoices for that specific show/booking will be voided by our team.
  • Under certain circumstances Mashed Theatre may cancel a performance or booking where the client may still be financially liable for any associated invoices. Such circumstances are defined as but not limited to:
    • Providing an unsafe work environment, whether through malice of forethought or negligence, where the performers are put at risk of injury or endangerment.
    • Performers are consistently disrespected or spoken to inappropriately or are subjected to inappropriate behaviour that makes the performers feel unsafe.

Payment & Travel

  • Mashed Theatre & Films invoices the school based on a minimum performance fee OR a price per student rate (whichever is greater). Our price per performance is $1005.00 (exc. GST) or $6.70 per student. Our Minimum Performance Fee allows for up to 150 students to see a show before transitioning over to a Price Per Student rate. It is the responsibility of the school to provide accurate numbers of students that will be or have attended the show. 
  • Travel Fees may apply to a booking and are subject to the cost of travel to and from the region. For major tours Mashed Theatre & Films work on a variable travel fee, shared amongst the total number of bookings on the tour.
    • Travel fees include: cost of fuel spent to travel to and from the region, accommodation within the region if required, and a heavily discounted travel time rate (often this is absorbed by Mashed Theatre & Films unless in special circumstances such as a purpose-built tour requiring multiple days travel to one school) 
    • Travel fees apply each time a visit is made to a school. Multiple bookings on a same day do not incur additional travel fees. Multiple bookings across the span of a year where a travel fee may be applied will incur multiple instances of travel fees for each visitation. 
  • Payment is to be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice; if payment is not made within 30 days Mashed Theatre & Films will send a reminder to the finance team for payment with a grace period of 7 days. If payment is defaulted a second time Mashed Theatre & Films reserves the right to apply a late penalty to the invoice. 
Discounts, Agreements & Special Deals
  • From time to time Mashed Theatre may correspond with clients to make special arrangements when booking shows or workshops. This is especially the case when working with large cohort numbers, or across multiple cohorts and performances/workshops throughout the year. These arrangements and/or discounts applied to these bookings are agreed upon by both parties prior to confirming the booking and are expected to be upheld until the agreement is fulfilled. As the client you understand that:
    • Agreements that are made between Mashed Theatre and yourself are contractually binding. 
    • Agreements are made in good faith, generally in service of the students, and should be, likewise, upheld in good faith by the client. 
  • Should an agreement be defaulted or breached by the client, Mashed Theatre may exercise the right to void any discounts applied to the booking; the severity of which is assessed by the Mashed Theatre team. A voiding of discount may be applied to:
    • One facet of the agreement/booking (i.e. a singular show), OR
    • to the entirety of the agreement. 
  • A Breach of Agreement is defined as but not limited to:
    • Cancellation of any or all of the agreed upon booking dates as outlined in the agreement where a discount has been applied or special arrangements have been made. 
    • Rescheduling any or all of the agreed upon booking dates (outside of the scope of what Mashed Theatre may define as reasonable) as outlined in the agreement where a discount has been applied or special arrangements have been made. 
    • Exceeding agreed upon audience sizes as outlined in the agreement where a discount has been applied or special arrangements have been made. 
    • Not providing adequate or appropriate performance spaces/venue for the scope of the arranged performance as outlined in the agreement where a discount has been applied or special arrangements have been made. 
    • Cultivating, whether through malice of forethought or negligence, an unsafe environment for the performers where injury or endangerment may or did occur.