"I think anybody is capable of anything..."

GRADES: 9 – 12

DURATION: 50 mins + 10 min Q&A

PRICES PER STUDENT: $5.50 (minimum performance fee applies)

ENGLISH LINKS: English prescribed texts, English standard/advanced

DRAMA LINKS: Theatre of Social Comment, Magical Realism

EXTERNAL LINKS: Well-being, social media usage, bullying

The Story

John and Liz have recently enrolled at the McCarthy School of Excellence and have been buddied up. After a shakey start they soon become close friends – but end up finding themselves tangled up in an egomaniac’s diabolical plot. Rumours get spread. People get hurt. Sometimes things can end up going too far…

For Teachers

Heavily inspired by the prescribed QCAA texts Miller’s The Crucible and Orwell’s 1984. PRESSURE cleverly entwines these two texts into a far-more-relatable-than-we-are-comfortable-with setting with a primary focus on bullying, pressure, and internet safety.

"PRESSURE enthralled our students by making The Crucible and 1984 accessible through an innovative and emotionally moving 21st century recontextualisation. It was exactly what our students needed!"
Adam Davy
Kelvin Grove State College